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Elevate your winter decor with popular Christmas flowers. Explore our blog for festive ideas and create a joyful ambiance with these seasonal blooms!

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The holiday season conjures up nostalgic memories of twinkling lights, hot chocolate by the fireside, and carolers braving the first winter chills. As you get your home ready for some holly jolly times, don't forget about the all-important Christmas flowers and plants that set the festive mood.

As a professional florist in Largo FL, we get many queries on ideas for Winter Season Flowers that make dazzling holiday displays. From frosty white poinsettias to candy-cane striped carnations, you have a wide palette to choose from. Complement these floral arrangements with cheerful holiday decor and evergreen accents for a picture-perfect Christmas.


No flower spells Christmas like the poinsettia. Available in red, pink, white, and other festive hues, the poinsettia blooms right around the holiday season. Mexican legends credit these plants to a poor girl named Pepita who had no gift to offer baby Jesus. As her heartfelt leaves turned red and blossomed into beautiful flowers, children have since believed them to be the Flores de Noche Buena - Flowers of the Holy Night.

With over 100 varieties now seen, poinsettias remain ever-popular Christmas mainstays. Display their potted varieties on tabletops and mantelpieces or incorporate cut poinsettia blooms into wreaths, garlands, and centerpieces. Their versatility makes them ideal for both traditional and modern holiday decor themes.


The ivory-white petals of gardenias evoke snowy winter landscapes, but it's really their sweet, intoxicating fragrance that makes them special. As holiday guests arrive at your home, these gorgeous blooms promise to make a genteel first impression.

You can display gardenia topiaries or use floating gardenia blooms in clear glass vases to scent the home. Pair them with silver or champagne-hued Christmas ornaments and glitter sprays to play up their refined vibe. Or for a more natural look, weave them into mantel garlands alongside pine cones and eucalyptus fronds.


Available in a dazzling range of colors, textures, and forms, chrysanthemums never fail to charm. Their perky blooms and longevity make them one of the best Christmas flowers for wreaths, flower crowns, or centerpieces.

Red and white "Santa Hat" mums with dark centers and white-tipped petals make especially fun holiday accents. For something more avant-garde, try the giant disbud green mum heads mixed with hypericum berries and winter foliage. Whether placed strategically indoors or planted en masse in outdoor containers, mums promise to pump up the Christmas spirit.

Evergreen Christmas Greens

The familiar sight and spicy scent of evergreen boughs like fir, pine, and cedar immediately conjure up the Christmas season. They form indispensable bases for holiday wreaths, garlands, table arrangements, and outdoor decor.

Noble firs and blue-hued junipers lend festive colors while scotch pines and spruces provide the nostalgic Christmas tree aroma. Accent them with red winterberries, gold-tipped eucalyptus stems, silver dollar eucalyptus, and unexpected textures from magnolia, leatherleaf ferns for showstopping displays.

Have Your Christmas Flowers Professionally Designed

While you can certainly buy Christmas blooms at the grocery store, investing in florist-arranged flowers guarantees show stopping arrangements. Apart from selecting the finest Christmas Centerpiece, professional Largo, FL florists like us at Carlson's Wildwood Florist bring years of design expertise.

Our Christmas flower arrangements stay fresh thanks to proper conditioning and handling. We also customize designs to suit your personality, home decor, and budgetary needs.

Order Flower delivery in Saint Petersburg FL! This year, make the holiday season extra special with beautiful Christmas flowers and greens designed just for you. Contact us today for a personalized consultation.

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